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The International Journal of Networking and Communication(IJNC)is a peer-reviewed, open access journal  that publishes original research and review articles in all areas of computer networks and communications. The aim of this Journal is to provide an international forum for researchers, operators of networks, managers and professionals including all topics in relation with networking and communication areas.

Topics covered :

  • Multimedia Networking.
  • Network Security and Issues.
  • Peer to Peer Network.
  • Communication Network Architecures.
  • Metropolittan Area Networks(MAN)
  • Web,grid,cluster computing
  • Performance anyalysis.
  • Latest trends and Developments¬† in Networks.
  • Network Protocol.
  • Mobile Networks and Wireless LAN
  • Mobile and Wireless Internet.
  • Satellite communication and broadcast systems.
  • Network planning,realiability,dimensioning.
  • Network performance measurements.